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Please find a list of various frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive below. Simply click on each question for the answer to appear below. If you have any other questions, please call our friendly and helpful team on 01255 673 766.

What happens if we move from the property?
The ownership of the PV system is directly linked to the property, not the occupant. If you decide to move house all of the benefits of the PV system will be passed on to the new owners. If you move into a new house with a PV system you’ll get the FIT and free electricity.
How long will my system last for?
Most panels are guaranteed to 25 years. It is important to be aware that the inverter may require replacement during this time.
Are the panels or my roof damaged by strong wind or hail?
As part of the MCS accreditation process all modules are required to pass wind and hail test before they are able to be sold commercially. The modules we supply have all been tested at levels that exceed the conditions found in the UK. If designed and installed correctly a PV system should cause no damage to your roof whatsoever.
Will I still have electricity if there is a power cut?
No. As a safety feature of the inverter it will not function if it cannot detect voltage on the grid. If it did not have this feature then it would be able to export electricity onto the national grid whilst the power was down and people were working on the line, potentially being very dangerous.
Can I change my electricity supplier during the FIT period?
Changing your supplier shouldn’t be an issue, although it’s definitely worthwhile reading the T&C’s in the contract offered up by your chosen FIT supplier. Most allow you to change your electricity provider freely but on occasion some do tie you in for a specific amount of time. The FIT contract is however set and its difficult to change once you’re set up.
How will I know what my PV system is generating?
The generation meter will display the number of units that has been generated by the system since its commissioning date, this is also where you take your readings for the Feed-in Tariff. For a more in depth idea of production over different time periods most inverters will have an LCD display or wireless connectivity so that you are able to download detailed information. There are various different types of monitoring systems that can also be included that offer up a wider range of data and present it in an easy to interpret way.
Do I need a special meter?
As part of the MCS requirements for a PV system it is necessary to install a generation meter so that the production of electricity (kWh’s) can be recorded, generation of the system metered and your Feed-in Tariff payments can be made.
Is planning required to install a PV system?
Most domestic sized systems come under “permitted development” which means as long as the system is installed according to certain criteria then no permission is required. We can guide you through this.