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TGA Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters Frinton

Find your independence with Sound & Vision Electronics & TGA Mobility.

Like Sound & Vision, a Mobility Scooter Frinton based family business that have been established for over 45 years. TGA Mobility is also a local family business. Based in nearby Sudbury, they have been established for 25 years, selling “the finest range of mobility products available in the UK.”

Mobility Scooters Frinton
We have teamed up with TGA Mobility to bring you a range of premium Mobility Scooters.

Below you will find details of our current mobility scooter Frinton range. From the innovative, compact and transportable Minimo to the cool but compact Vita Midi we have a scooter to meet most people’s needs. We also have access to TGA Mobility’s full range of Mobility Scooters Frinton and accessories.

Our Current Range:

Vita Midi

Head-turning looks and innovative design in a practical package, without compromise.

TGA Mobility’s Vita Midi has been designed for those who want an 8mph in a package that’s a little more compact.

The Midi utilises advanced engineering techniques with double-wishbone front suspension and a mono-shock absorber at the rear which together with the unique 10-spoke alloy wheels and pneumatic low profile tires ensure a controlled and comfortable ride.  An illuminated digital display panel provides all the information you need including speed, time, temperature and battery condition.

Mobility Scooters Frinton

Control levers are positioned on both sides of the handlebars and are designed to provide forward and reverse control using the fingertips or thumbs of either hand. Top speed is easily controlled with a handy high/low switch limiting speed to 4mph on the pavement or 8mph on the open road. Smooth to pull away and automatic braking make Vita Midi easy and intuitive to drive.

The fully adjustable contoured seat provides complete support and rotates to make getting on and off easily.  The tiller also adjusts to allow everyone to find the perfect driving position for all-day comfort. Other standard features include delta handlebars, twin rearview mirrors, a removable on/off key, high-level charge socket and even twin cup holders.

Strikingly modern LED lights, indicators and side running lights make sure you can see and be seen at all times whilst consuming less battery power than traditional scooter lighting. Not only are the LED lights brighter and more energy-efficient but also long life and maintenance-free.

Available in metallic graphite or red, the Vita Midi is one of the most dynamic and eye-catching mobility scooters Frinton has, with modern looks providing maximum practicality without any of the compromises.

Vita Midi Features
  • Large scooter features in an easy to handle and compact package
  • Full suspension and pneumatic tyres for total comfort
  • Fully adjustable and rotating seat for easy on and off
  • Adjustable tiller with user friendly touch panel controls
  • Delta handlebars with thumb or fingertip operation
  • Equipped with lights, indicators, mirrors, basket and cup holder as standard
  • Built in front and rear bumpers
  • Available in metallic red or black
  • Range of up to 20 miles (30km)
  • User weight up to 25 stone (160kg)

‘The Sonet combines the benefits of a big scooter in a compact well-equipped package.’;

Vita Midi Specifications
Specification Detail Metric Imperial
Length 132cm 52″
Width 67cm 26.5″
Height Seat back and tiller folded 114cm 45″
Height Seat removed 71cm 28″
Seat Width Fully adjustable and rotating 46cm 18″
Total Weight 110kg 242lbs
Wheel & Tyre Size Front 28 x 8cm 11 x 3″
Rear 30 x 10cm 12 x 4″
Turning Radius 120cm 47″
Battery 2x 12v 50ah
Motor 24v 500watt
Controller 24v 120amp
S-Drive-Charger 24v 5amp
Speed Variable-up to 12kph 8mph
Approximate Range 35km 22miles
Maximum Carrying Capacity 135kg 21stone
Maximum Gradient 12%
Ground Clearance 10cm 4″
Vehicle Class 3

Minimo Plus 4

If you cherish your independence, you’ll find the lightweight and foldable Minimo is the ideal scooter to just pop in the car boot and take anywhere.

A truly advanced, compact and transportable design that folds in one simple movement. No parts need to be removed for transportation or storage thanks to lightweight lithium battery technology and the easy one–handed effort to collapse the durable aluminium frame. With the pull of one lever, the Minimo folds up in seconds making it simple to store or transport.

The Minimo Plus 4 has the same compact size and simple folding design as TGAs more basic Minimo with extra features normally only found on much

Mobility Scooters Frinton

larger scooters making it the perfect everyday companion for everyone who values their independence.

Pneumatic tyres provide a much smoother, more comfortable ride whilst also contributing to extra range and ground clearance. The battery pack can still be lifted with one finger but a larger capacity gives greater range and durability. A more powerful control unit with up-rated electronics improves ability over more challenging terrain.

Integrated high visibility LED lights seemingly round off an impressive list of extra features but the Minimo Plus goes further. Clever use of incredibly strong but lightweight carbon fibre means the overall weight is kept to a minimum.  A simple quick-release seat means all of these extra features can be had without making Minimo Plus any more difficult to transport or handle. Proof that you can have your cake and eat it!

The same great functionality as the Minimo with more features, more range, and more comfort, this all means one thing – one of the most independent mobilkity scooters Frinton has to offer.

Minimo Features
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Folds in a single simple movement
  • Adjustable tiller and armrests as standard
  • Folding armrests as standard
  • Pneumatic tyres for enhanced comfort, range and ground clearance
  • Safety sensor to control cornering speeds
  • Lightweight lithium battery weighing just 6.5lbs (3kg)
  • Carbon fibre and aluminium frame for lightweight strength
  • Range of up to 12.5 miles (20km)
  • User weight of up to 18 stone (115kg)
Minimo Plus Specifications
Specification Detail Metric Imperial
Length 96cm 38″
Width 55cm 21.5″
Folded Dimensions LxWxH 86x55x46cm 34×21.5×18″
Seat Width 41cm 16″
Total Weight Seat and battery removed 21kg 46lbs
Battery Pack Weight 3kg 6.5lbs
Quick Release Seat Weight 5kg 11lbs
Total Weight Including armrests & battery pack 29kg 63.5lbs
Wheel & Tyre Size Front 20 x 5cm 8 x 2″
Rear 23 x 7cm 9 x 3″
Battery Lithium polymer 24v 14.5amp
Motor 24v 270watt
Controller 24v 70amp S-Drive
Charger 24v 2.5amp
Speed Variable-up to 6.4kmh 4mph
Approximate Range 20km 12.5miles
Maximum Carrying Capacity 115kg 18stone
Maximum Gradient 10%
Ground Clearance 7cm 3″
Vehicle Class 2

Zest Plus

The Zest Plus is a perfect town companion.  It has a great range of features and easily comes apart into a few manageable sections.

TGA Zest Plus mobility scooter It has great performance with superb levels of stability, maneuverability, and class-leading ground clearance.  With clever ergonomic design features including delta handlebars with lightweight thumb controls, practical and secure carrying options, and a fully adjustable padded seat. 

 The scooter is easily taken apart, even with the use of just one hand and simply stowed away or transported in the smallest of car boots. The Zest Plus is compact but bursting with features and style not normally found on a scooter of this size.

Zest Plus Features
  • Simple to take apart, liftable components, no fiddly connections
  • Modular design allowing for easy storage and transportation
  • Excellent levels of stability and manoeuvrability
  • All round suspension for added comfort
  • Battery capacity with a range of up to 18 miles
  • User weight of up to 23.5 stone
Zest Plus Specifications
Specification Detail Metric Imperial
Length 112cm 44″
Width 57cm 22″
Wheel & Tyre Size Front 22cm 9″
Rear 22cm 9″
Total Weight 70kg 154lbs
Turning Radius 142cm 56″
Battery Size Standard 2x 12v 33ah
Speed Variable up to 6.4kmh 4mph
Approximate Range Standard batteries 28km 18miles
Maximum Carry Capacity 150kg 23.6stone
Maximum Gradient 12%
Ground Clearance 10cm 4″
Vehicle Class 2

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