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Does My Solar PV System Require Maintenance?

You have made the initial investment, therefore you now have to get the most from your Solar PV system. Although PV systems are designed to be “plug and play” we would recommend that a service is undertaken regularly to make sure the system is running to optimum performance and to have the opportunity to pre-empt any potential issues. Most manufacturers include stipulations in their warranties that require systems to have a periodic service check. It is also quite commonly suggested by industry bodies.

At Sound & Vision we offer you both emergency repairs, as well as regular planned servicing to all solar PV systems. If your system was installed by others who are no longer able to assist you, as a result you may not know who to turn to, we are happy to help.


1) Keep shading over panels to a minimum – Over time trees or other things may create shading that was not present at the time of installation because of this you need to monitor to ensure shading is kept to a minimum.

2) Record your meter readings – If you notice a drop in the average of your readings contact us to provide a system check

3) Inverter checks – Regularly check your inverter for any red lights or warning messages. Then contact our service team if you have any concerns.

4) Clean your panels – Debris, such as birds mess for example, can build up. Consequently consider having your panels cleaned on an annual basis.