Say Goodbye To Five Channel Analogue!

Freesat or Freeview offers a huge range of digital TV channels and radio! But how do you choose the right one for you?

Here is a guide on how to choose between the two!


You need a TV with a built-in Freesat tuner or a separate Freesat set-top box or PVR. Freesat boxes are available from our store Sound & Vision in Frinton-on-sea. The Freesat signal is received via a satellite dish. If you don’t already have a satellite dish – we can fit one for you! 

Freesat offers over 200 TV channels (and radio) including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 5 and if you buy a Freesat PVR you can record live TV! Freesat also offers high-definition channels when you buy a Freesat HD box and HD-ready TV to connect it to.


You need to buy a Freeview set-up box or PVR, unless you already have a TV with Freeview built-in. However, if you don’t, these boxes and setups are available in our store! The Freeview box plugs into your TV and into your Aerial. We can access your aerial if it needs an upgrade too!


Our services

  • Aerial and satellite installations

  • Mobility scooters

  • Audio and projection

  • Home projects

And a range of other things!

No job too big or complicated, our team are able to cater your needs to our services. We can provide work for new builds and extensions such as sockets, lights, showers, cookers and everything else electrical. Safety is important to us which is why everything we use is tested against the required regulations.

Our team undergo regular training in aerial and tv installations as well as our other services to ensure our methods are up to date and safe.

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